THE magnetic lore of classic antiquity was scanty indeed^ being limited to the attraction which the lodestone manifests for ironĀ» Lucretius (99-55 B0 Ct)? however, in his poetical dissertation on the magnet, contained in Dc Rerum Natura, Book VI.1 recognizes magnetic repulsion, magnetic induction, and to some extent the magnetic field with its lines of force, for in verse 1040 he writes:

Oft from the magnet, too, the steel recedes, Repelled by turns and re-attracted close.

And in verse 1085 :

Its viewless, potent virtues men surprise ;

Its strange effects, they view with wond'ring eyes

3 With very few exceptions all the works referred to in this notice will he found in the Wheeler Collection in the Library of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, New York.

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