Irrotational Vortex

Figure 4. Space power perpetual machine.

The present industrial culture demands a continually increasing growth of electrical power. Since the limited resources of thermal, hydroelectrical and nuclear power cannot last for centuries, the need that has now become vital is to discover a power source which is independent of all material resources, so that a regulated generation of power from the presently known technologies is supplemented to a good extent from this eternal source.

A technological breakthrough, which will enable generation of energy directly from space, is in the offing. Nature has, however, already achieved this conversion from space energy to matter in the generation of the cosmic matter of the universe.

done by Michael Faraday in the year 1830. He discovered the above phenomenon as regards the production of electromotive force even when the relative motion between the magnetic field and the conductor was zero. He, however, does not appear to have made measurements on the incremental power ratio from such a device. The writer first learned of this effect from Bruce De Palma's letters to him (1978-79).

Vortex Motion Line Pictures


WHEN r = rc , u = c. THEREFORE, cr0 = CONSTANT, AND u = cr0/r.


WHEN r = rc , u = c. THEREFORE, cr0 = CONSTANT, AND u = cr0/r.

Figure 3. Irrotational vortex of absolute vacuum (space) -- two dimensional.

The quantity of electric charge generated by the rotation of the interatomic space in a rotating iron disc requires the use of equations of SVT on mass and charge of electron. The incremental output power is shown to be directly proportional to the volume of space within the rotor of space power generator and the speed of rotation of the rotor (Fig.4). The voltage generated is at a low range (expected to be 6 volts DC with about a 14 inch diameter rotor) but the current is of high magnitude (in thousands of amperes when liquid metal is used for current collection).

In one of the recent experiments on a space power generator (Fig. 4), an incremental power ratio of 4.5 has been obtained.


Building of space power generators of about 100 KW size should be possible to be achieved with conventional technological methods in the near future.

In addition to the discovery, of a novel technology for power generation, the following crucial change in the scientific and philosophical outlook that would be brought about with the new phenomenon of space power generation are:

[1] The fundamental state of universal energy is eternally latent in the dynamic space of the universe.

[2] The cosmic matter is generated from the energy of space in repeated cycles of creation and annihilation.

[3] Space is not an empty extension but rather the most fundamental entity which alone gives reality to the cosmic world.

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