Kelly Magnetic Wheel Drive

The 1979 design of D.A. Kelly differs in several respects from the two previous designs. Although the wheel that provides torque from the motor is almost identical with its permanent magnets being faced in the same direction (with all like poles facing outward), a major difference occurs in the motor's driving force.

Instead of having sets of iron-based shunts positioned into and out of the magnetic force field to alternately attract and repel the magnets of the drive wheel, the Kelly design uses no shunts at all. Instead it uses oscillating rocker arms to insert and remove field magnets themselves into and out of the magnetic force field of the drive wheel magnets. To accomplish the oscillating action of the arms the designer uses electric motors and eccentrics plus appropriate linkage to all sets of rocker arms.

Each rocker arm is fitted with two magnets, one with like pole to be facing like poles of the drive wheel magnets and the other with unlike pole to be facing the drive wheel magnets. Kelly says in his patent that this causes a pull and then a push upon each drive wheel magnet as the rocker arm oscillates from one position to the next.

The Kelly patent states that the use of solar cells and batteiy storage is to be the primary source of current to power the motors driving the oscillating rocker arms and respective linkage, yet the patent also states that the torque provided by the drive wheel of the permanent magnet motor is considerably more than the torque required to operate the oscillating rocker arms and linkage.

If the Kelly design does in fact work as claimed it would be simple to have the drive wheel connected to an alternator which would provide the necessary voltage to the electric motors, thus making it a self-propelled motor just as is claimed for the Tracy and Derouin design and patent. Also as one may wonder about these devices, why even try to design a permanent magnet motor if it requires an outside source of energy such as electricity—unless the device itself can provide the necessary current to continue its operation.

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