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The 1975 patent by R.W. Kinnison, as with many others, uses a form of shunt to effect a counteraction to the normal repulsion of two like poles of permanent magnets. However, Kinnison calls his use of the magnetic material (such as iron) being inserted and removed from the magnetic field a type of 44 diverter."

Kinnison uses horseshoe magnets placed at strategic positions for a set of stationary magnets, and another horseshoe magnet attached to a rotatable shaft. His patent claims that an electric solenoid can be used to move the diverter into and out of the magnetic field, or one of several different mechanical means can be used, such as a gearing system or the use of an eccentric or cam.

Kinnison claims that the motor works only on the repulsion force of the permanent magnets, stating that the diverters only divert the magnetic force of two like poles9 repulsion for each other. He says that the diverters are made of non-ferrous metal (non-magnetic) with inserts of ferrous (magnetic) metal at strategic points.

As the rotating magnet moves into position where two like poles would normally repel each other the diverter is moved into position to cause a diverting of the magnetic force of repulsion, thus allowing the like pole of the rotating magnet to move fully into the field of the stationary like pole. Once into position the diverter is removed causing a normal repulsion of the two like poles and thus the rotating magnet continues to rotate.

With two north poles and two south poles in the stationary form of the device and one north pole and one south pole on a rotatable shaft, the device would produce four acts of repulsion per revolution and each rotating pole would pass through a position of neutrality four times per revolution. It must be noted also that since each stationary and each rotating magnet will have a north and a south pole facing toward another, the stationary magnets must be strategically positioned so as the unlike poles will not affect operation.

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