1) electromagnetic

2) magnetostrictive 3 ) gyroscopic force genera t ion

110 V.A.C. ELECTRICAL INPUT to machine drives ao-tor. Sat uchicĀ« apasd and overcome friction.

ELECTBICAL INPUT to gyro drive motors. Set strength of torque impulses to balance power output drawn froa machine.

When electrical load and torque impulses are balanced the force generator is constrained for motion aboat the horitontal torque axis. Equal and opposing torque impulses are trans-aitted by the resonant qnill shaft._

Constraint about vertical axis by torque cancellation in fraas of machine* (Vertical axis perpendicular to plane of drawing).

Torsional vibration of armature coil generates electric current.

Power output is limited by the structural integritj of the aachine. A portion of the electrical output of the dynamo aay be used to energlge the force generator._

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