And the mariners are taught

To follow the right way.

It is an art which cannot fail.

Provins, from which Guyot took his surname, was a small town in the vicinity of Paris.

Cardinal Jacques de Vitry, in his Historia Orientalis, Cap. 89, writes:

"An iron needle, after having been in contact with the lodestone, turns towards the north star, so that it is very necessary for those who navigate the seas."

Jacques de Vitry was born at Argenteuil, near Paris, joined the fourth crusade, became Bishop of Ptolemais, and died in Rome in 1244. He wrote his " Description of Palestine," which forms the first book of his Historia Orientalis, in the East, between 1215 and 1220.

Albertus Magnus (1193-1280) in his De Mineralibus, Lib. II., Tract 3, Cap. 6, writes:

"It is the end of the lodestone which makes the iron that touched it turn to the north {ad zoron) and which is of use to mariners; but the other end of the needle turns toward the south {ad aphron)."

This illustrious Bavarian schoolman joined the Dominican Order in his youth, lectured to great audiences in Cologne, became bishop of Ratisbonne in 1260, and died in 1280. Thomas Aquinas the greatest of schoolmen, was among his pupils.

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