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Irrespective of a magnet's gauss rating in a negative time/negative energy device, the area of magnetic radiation can be seen to double when a specific magnet and stator are engineered into 'negative time'. This radiation originates at the centre of the negative time region between the magnet and the stator, and spreads out radially and diminishes in strength as the square of the distance.

The enormous increase in radiation into space, and negative energy developed, is not generated by the magnet, as a lot of people would have you believe. Its source is (again) due to the magnet forming a gate and tapping gravitational energy with the result of gravitational repulsion, as explained in 'Engineering into Negative Time and Negative Energy'.

The area of radiation so covered by a negative time/negative energy device measures always an exact electromagnetic light gravity harmonic distance figure taken from point of origin.

These above statements are not theoretical but are indeed discoveries and results of actual tests and measurements undertaken in the laboratory by myself.

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