Space Rotation

Paramahamsa Tewari Chief Project Engineer Kaiga Atomic Power Project Nuclear Power Corporation KARWAR, INDIA


The medium of space (absolute vacuum without matter) is defined as an incompressible, zero-mass, nonviscous, continuous and mobile entity which, in its rotation at the limiting speed of light as a submicro vortex, creates electrons. The property of electric charge of electron and its electrostatic field can be shown to be the effect of rotation of space around the electron's centre. The mass property of electron is seen to be arising due to the creation of a fieldless spherical void (hole) at electron's centre where space rotates at the limiting speed of light.

From the "rotating-space" and "void-centre" model of an electron, new equations on the electron's mass and charge are obtained. An experimental proof to this new philosophy of matter as a "dynamic condition of space" is had in the generation of electrical energy from the inter-atomic space of a rotating electromagnet. A cylindrical electromagnet rotated about its axis develops voltage between the axis and the cylindrical surface of rotation. By drawing electrical power through suitable liquid metal brushes placed at the axis and the cylindrical surface of rotation it can be shown that a rise in electrical power output does not fully reflect in the equivalent increase in the mechanical input used to rotate the device. The incremental ratio is seen to be more than unity in numerous experiments carried out on space power generators in recent past.


Scientific debates on the nature of space (absolute vacuum) around the start of this century took a general view that space serves to transmit fields (electromagnetic, gravity) and, beyond that, it has no independent existence of own as an entity that can generate energy in some form which enables it to be termed as a "real" physical entity. In other words, the generally accepted position then taken was that space is an empty extension of "nothingness" without any physical attributes in which fields are transmitted. Many refutations to the above view both experimental and theoretical, and claims on the existence of either, that is, space with physical attributes, could not provide an alternate theory so as to change the widely accepted position of nonphysical nature of space.

A search for the most basic and universal source of fields of matter in general, and energy and matter in particular, has led to the formulation (by the writer) of space vortex theory (SVT) in which physical space has been postulated.


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