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matics, astronomy, history and philosophy. The work was printed in Augsburg in 1558. A copy of this early print is among the treasures of the Wheeler collection in the library of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, New York. It was from this text that the translation which follows was made.

Besides the Latin edition of Gasser, 1558, there is also that of Libri in his Histoire des Sciences Mathématiques, 1838 ; of Bertelli, 1868, and Hellmann, 1898e Bertelli's is a learned and exhaustive workin which the Barnabite monk, sometimes called by mistake, Barnabita, instead of Bertelli, collates and compares the readings of the two Vatican codices with other texts, adding copious references and explanatory notes. It appeared in the Bulletino di Bibliograjia e di Storia delle Science Matematiche e Fisiche for 1868.

Of translations, we have that which Richard Eden made from Taisnier's pirated extracts, the first dated edition appearing in 1579. Cavallo's Treatise on Magnetism, 1800, also contains some of the more remarkable passages. The only com-

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