The Letter Of Peregrinus

parts : the first contains ten chapters on the general properties of the lodestone ; the second has but three chapters, and shows how the author proposed to use a lodestone for the purpose of producing continuous rotation.

There are many manuscript copies of the letter in European libraries : the Bodleian has six ; the Vatican, two; Trinity College, Dublin, one; the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, one ; Leyden, Geneva and Turin, one each. The Leyden MS. has acquired special notoriety from a passage which appears near the end of it in which reference is made to magnetic declination and its value given : but Prof W. Wenckebach, of The Plague, has shown' that the lines are spurious, having been interpolated in the manuscript in the early part of the sixteenth century.

The Leyden manuscript has also led some writers to believe in a fictitious author of the letter, one Peter Adsiger, or Petrus Adsigerus. As said above, Sigerus was the name of his countryman, to whom Peregrinus addressed his letter, s Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata, 1865.

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