The Letter Of Peregrinus

many different parts of the globe the lodestone is found; from which it would follow that the iron needle should turn in different directions according to the locality ; but this is contrary to experience. Secondly, these individuals do not seem to know that the places under the poles are uninhabitable because there one-half the year is day and the other half night. Hence it is most silly to imagine that the lodestone should come to us from such places. Since the lodestone points to the south as well as to the north, it is evident from the foregoing chapters that we must conclude that not only from the north pole but also from the south pole rather than from the veins of the mines virtue flows into the poles of the lodestone. This follows from the consideration that wherever a man may be, he finds the stone pointing to the heavens in accordance with the position of the meridian; but all meridians meet in the poles of the world ; hence it is manifest that from the poles of the world, the poles of the lodestone receive their virtue. Another necessary consequence of this is that the needle does

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