The Letter Of Peregrinus

An analysis of the " Epistola " shows that Peregrinus was the first to assign a definite position to the poles of a lodestone, and to give directions for determining which is north and which south ;

He proved that unlike poles attract each other, and that similar ones repel ;

(c) He established by experiment that every fragment of a lodestone, however small, is a complete magnet, thus anticipating one of our fundamental laboratory illustrations of the molecular theory ;

He recognized that a pole of a magnet may neutralize a weaker one of the same name, and even reverse its polarity ;

He was the first to pivot a magnetized needle and surround it with a graduated circle, Figs. 2 and 3.1

He determined the position of an object by its magnetic bearing as done to-day in compass surveying ; and

' It is probable that Flavio Gioja, an Italian pilot, some fifty years later, added the compass-card and attached it to the magnet.

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