The Letter Of Peregrinus

however, than the knight of Foucaucourt was Roger Bacon, who held Peregrinos in the very highest esteem, as the following glowing testimony shows : " There are but two perfect mathematicians/' wrote the English monk, " John oi London and Petrus de Maharne-Curia, a Picard/' Further on in his Opus Tertium, Bacon thus appraises the merits of the Picard : " I know of only one person who deserves praise for his work in experimental philosophy, for he does not care for the discourses of men and their wordy warfare, but quietly and diligently pursues the works of wisdom. Therefore, what others grope after blindly, as bats in the evening twilight, this man contemplates in all their brilliancy because he is a master of experiment. Hence, he knows all natural science whether pertaining to medicine and alchemy, or to matters celestial and terrestrial. He has worked diligently in the smelting of ores as also in the working of minerals ; he is thoroughly acquainted with all sorts of arms and implements used in military service and in hunting, besides which he is skilled in agriculture and

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