The Letter Of Perfgrinus

iron nails or teeth of equal weight fastened to the periphery of the wheel in a slanting direction, close to one another so that their distance apart may not be more than the thickness of a bean or a pea ; the wheel itself must be of uni-fo rm weight throughout. Fasten the middle of the axis about which the wheel revolves so that the said axis may always remain immovable. Add thereto a silver bar, and at its extremity affix a lodestone placed between two capsules and prepared in the following way : When it has been rounded and its poles marked as said before, let it be shaped like an egg ; leaving the poles untouched, file down the intervening parts so that thus flattened and occupying less space, it may not touch the sides of the capsules when the wheel revolvesĀ« Thus prepared, let it be attached to the silver rod just as a precious stone is placed in a ring ; let the north pole be then turned towards the teeth or cogs of the wheel somewhat slantingly so that the virtue of the stone may not flow diametrically into the iron teeth, but at a certain angle ; consequently when one of the

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