This invention by Robert Adams,, a New Zealand inventor, is probably the nearest thing to a genuine free energy machine that NEXUS has encountered to date.

By Robert Adams

New Zealand 30th April 1993

In the April-May '93 issue of NEXUS, appended to the article, "Adams Breaks the Gravity Barrier" under the heading, 'Note for the Curious', I promised readers a set of drawings which would explain the questions regarding hysterisis, eddy current and magnetic drag losses as well as temperature ratings, ctc.—Lhese drawings to be accompanied with written explanations concerning the 'how' and 'why' of certain factors.

It is with my sincere regret that the above information and drawings will no longer be available to readers on an individual basis, but is briefly outlined in a modified version in this August-September issue of NEXUS.

Those readers who have written to me and sent monies over for copies of this information, are being returned their monies along with this standard announcement.

Subscriptions to this information are now closed as there is now sufficient information published in this article relating to this subject.

I wish my readers to know, however, that I will continue to publish certain other material in NEXUS relating to my inventions, but the certain 'how' and 'why' factors will be withheld due to circumstances beyond my control.

I am well aware, however, that this announcement will not prevent the intelligent and enthusiastic minds out there from continuing to probe and discover the remarkable secrets of the 'Adams PEMG' and continue to wish all my readers and correspondents the ultimate in success.

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