Zeropoint Energy

When the formalism for the zero-point energy is introduced, some of these issues may be better understood and resolved. Callen18 demonstrates that the vacuum fluctuations manifest themselves even at a classical level: "The existence of a radiation impedance for the electromagnetic radiation from an oscillating charge is shown to imply a fluctuating electric field in the vacuum."18 Candelas19 shows that "...pressure fluctuations associated with these energy fluctuations

THE FREE ENERGY DEVICE HANDBOOK Macroscopic Vacuum Polarization would confer on the charge an irregular motion. This motion would represent a non-constant acceleration and so would also lead to a systematic reaction dampening force acting on the charge."19 This supports Fulton's ad hoc suggestion that hyperbolic motion is unphysical.15 Sciama concludes, "...the classical results regarding the radiation emitted by an electron and the radiative reaction force on an electron...can be understood in terms of the spectrum of the field fluctuations perceived by the charge."12 Sciama suggests a borrowing mechanism where the radiated energy is borrowed from the vacuum field during periods of uniform acceleration and then given back during nonuniform acceleration.12 Thus any consideration of the nature of a charged particle and of radiation production should include the charge's interaction with the zero-point energy. The resolution of the equivalence paradox may come with the development of quantum gravity theories20 in which the zero-point energy plays a crucial role.

Any complete theory of electrodynamics must include the zero-point vacuum fluctuations and their interaction with matter. Boyer1 shows that matter affects the zero-point fluctuations and they in turn feed back and affect matter. In fact, it appears that elementary particles can be viewed as organized coherences or spatial resonances in the zero-point sea.21 Senitzky22 shows that the charge's source field and the vacuum fluctuations are inseparably intertwined as "merely two sides of the same quantum mechanical coin."22 This duality is likened to quantum mechanics' wave-particle duality. Sciama further supports this idea of charge vacuum synergy by noting that "it is not in general possible to divide the stress energy tensor into a 'real particle part' and a Vacuum polarization part' in an unambiguous way."12

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