Mw Pv For Puglia

Econcern has announced plans to install 42 MW of solar capacity in Puglia, southern Italy as part of the so-called project Trullo.

Starting with the construction of seven 1 MW solar parks early in 2009, the facilities are expected to be operational by 2010. Once complete, Project Trullo will add 15% to Italy's 280 MW solar PV capacity and is expected to produce approximately 60 GWh per year.

The project is being developed by a 51:49 holding company between Econcern and Ampere Equity Fund.

The company adds that it has ambitions to increase its Italian portfolio to at least 50 MW.

Econcern's director of project development, Dennis Lange said: 'The Italian solar market has exceptional growth potential. It is anticipated that it will grow from 280 MW by the end of 2008 to 5 GW by 2020.'

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Renewable Energy 101

Renewable Energy 101

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