Kunel Heinrich Patent

L3 n

n n uuuuuu L2 2.5mH

L5 S1


moH: Produced by coil L1 and L2.

B: Produced by magnet MAG1 - MAG4.

L1 and L2 use 50ft of 16AWG magnet wire each.

C-Core: METGLAS, AMCC-500. MAG1 - 4 are NIB type magnets.



The SmartPAK KPOD is classified as a CATEGORY 3C Over-Unity Device.

The coils L3 - L6 are the flux control gates, and are operated bidirectionally (AC). The actual operation is very similar to the Flynn input design. Output delay turn-on is provided by switch S1. This will ensure the magnet flux is transported across the air gap.

Excess energy is collected in output coils L1 and L2.


Adams Motor

The Adams Motor is are classified as a CATEGORY 3C Over-Unity Device.

As the magnet approaches Top-Dead-Center (TDC), maximum influence of the magnet flux with the coil/ core demagnetization phase is obtained. Hence, the coil/core demagnetization energy is greater than the magnetization energy.

As the magnet moves past TDC, the influence of its flux with the coil/core decreases.

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Solar Panel Basics

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