This program calculates the unshaded fraction of a rectangular window for any given solar position coordinates relative to the window. Calculations are made for window shading configurations, including awnings, with or without side walls or overhangs of arbitrary dimensions above the window. Awnshade can also calculate the unshaded fraction for a sequence of solar positions. It calculates the effective unshaded fraction of diffuse sky irradiance or illuminance incident on the window, assuming uniform sky radiance/luminance, and the effective ground-reflected unshaded fraction. It can handle cases in which shadows of the side of the awning/overhang cross the top of the window.

Audience: This is for architects, building designers, building energy performance simulators.

Expertise Required: Basic understanding of building shading geometry.

Input: User-friendly I/O screens, describing geometry of windows, awnings, and vertical side fins.

Output: Results can be printed directly to a printer, saved to a print file, or saved to files formatted for importing into graphic plotting programs.

Strengths: Outputs a table of unshaded fractions for a range of incident sun directions.

Weaknesses: No fancy graphics of window shadows or their movement across the window.

Availability: Awnshade version 2.0 is available from the contact at a cost of $45 (including shipping and handling).


Joanne Stirling, Document Sales Office Florida Solar Energy Center 1679 Clearlake Road Cocoa, Florida 32922-5703 Telephone: 407- 638-1414 Facsimile: 407-638-1439 E-mail: [email protected] Online:

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Getting Started With Solar

Getting Started With Solar

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