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Kyocera Mega-System

The Charles Wayne Group, one of the largest developers in Florida, recently opened the world's first tract home with its own electrical energy supplied by sunlight. The three-bedroom, 2,480 square-foot home, has a solar system on the roof capable of supplying 100 percent of the electricity needed even after seven days of continuous cloudy weather. The solar system runs air-conditioning and heating, lights, washing machine, television, stereo, water heater, and kitchen appliances including refrigerator, freezer, microwave and garbage disposal.

The Charles Wayne Group is the first home builder to offer a solar system that can power a typical home at an affordable cost. "With solar, there is no pollution, noise or maintenance required and there are no monthly electric bills." says John Kimball, Kyocera regional sales manager. The cost of this home, with solar system included, is $179,000.

The house has 108 Kyocera 59 watt PV modules installed on the roof with a single axis tracking system. As the sun moves across the sky, the solar panels track its movement. This tracking system allows the homes to be oriented in a variety of positions and still achieve maximum power.

Kyocera's photovoltaic modules have been tested by the U. S. Department of Energy (Jet Propulsion Laboratory Block V Test), and have a life expectancy of twenty years. Industry estimates are fifty years or more with virtually no loss of power output.

The system stores energy in a battery bank composed of lead-acid gel cells. The system uses two separate battery packs. Storage is 1,600 Ampere-hours at 48 VDC, for one battery and 200 Ampere-hours at 325 VDC for the second battery. Lifetime of these batteries is estimated at ten years. The system uses two 3,000 watt true sine wave inverters to convert the battery stored DC into conventional ac power.

The house uses conventional electric appliances with the exception of a gas range and clothes dryer. The walls are insulated "Energy Wall" with a rating of R-29.7. The ceilings are insulated at R-40. Domestic hot water is provided by an Energy Conservation Unit (ECU) on the heat pump with a freon reversing control for winter use.


Laura Schumacher, Kyocera America, Inc., Solar Systems Division, 8611 Balboa Ave., San Diego, CA 92123 • 619-576-2672.

Editor's Note: This is really a BIG system. I mean it's REALLY BIG! I have included it in this issue so you can see that PV is catching middle America's imagination. RP .Ka.

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Solar Power

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