Operational Characteristics Fault Conditions

Armature phase shorts and open circuits are internal faults, other faults occurring in converters or wiring are external faults (Husain et al., 1999). The SRG investigated was found to continue generating in the presence of single-phase internal faults and converter faults. The excitation required to feed external faults adequately, so that protection equipment would operate as required.

Any generator system must be able to clear load faults by blowing fuses or tripping circuit breakers (Husain et al., 1999). In the case of the SRG, sufficient DC link current must be produced to enable fault clearance by tripping a relay or other fault protection device (Heglund & Jones, 1997). For the SRG tested, the load fault voltage collapsed to 35 V from around 270 V, the phase current was 1400 A, peak value, compared to full-load current of 900 A. (Sawata et al., 1998) found that the 8/8, single phase SRG tested could continue generating in the presence of an internal fault. For certain faults, this was at half capacity only.

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