Opposition offered by inductance =

IZ-90 ° V/ (L)Z-90 ° = (LZ0 ° - (-90) ° = XlZ90 ° = jXL ohm (A.19)

The quantity jXL = j (L = j2nfL is known as inductive reactance and represents the 'opposition' to the flow of current when a voltage of frequency f Hz is applied across an inductance of L henry. The 90 ° phase lag that occurs to the current with respect to the voltage in an inductive element is conveniently incorporated in the description of the reactance through the operator j. There is nothing 'imaginary' of course about a reactor that consists typically of a coil of wire. However, as will be shown later, by assigning the j operator to the reactance the calculations are enormously assisted.

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Renewable Energy 101

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