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The PM Milestone has helped thousands of Project Managers around the world in managing a variety of projects across various industries. These documents are specifically suited for the contractual aspects of Businesses and the project aspects of Business Plans, Human Resource, Tender Management, Establish, Planning, Execution, Safety and Hand over covering the entire Project Life Cycle. Your time is too valuable to spend hours searching the Internet or building your own project management documents from scratch. With the power of our PM Milestone, youll get professional, high-quality results at a fraction of the time and cost. All documents have been written by experienced consultants, who have drawn upon years of experience across a wide range of organizations. Read more here...

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184 Project Management Templates

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184 Project Management Templates Summary

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Tools For Conducting Analyses Using Data In This Document

Models are available to calculate cost of energy (COE) or rate of return for various project ownership and financin g assumptions 9,10 . The FATE-2P model, developed by Princeton Economic Research, Inc. 10 is used to calculat e COEs in a separate chapter of this TC compendium. Commercial tools to assist utilities in customizing analyses o f windpower projects for site-specific conditions and turbine-specific design features do not currently exist. A recentl y developed wind energy curriculum entitled Harvesting The Wind is available from the Sustainable Resource s Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota 11 . It includes a project feasibility assessment spreadsheet tool suitable fo r evaluating privately-owned wind energy projects in the Midwest. This tool, available on diskette, allows use of default

Baseline Potential Conventional and Pumped Storage

This resource is not being developed because of the regulatory complexities and institutional and jurisdictional overlaps. The hydropower licensing process for a major facility requires 3 to 5 years. As a result, hydropower development is discouraged by increased project costs, increased uncertainty, increased lead time, and decreased profits.

Balance of Station Costs

Balance of Station (BOS) costs include foundations, control electrical hardware , site preparation, electric collection system and transmission lines, substation, windfarm control and monitoring equipment, O& M facilities and equipment, initial spare parts, shipping, resource assessment, surveying, legal counsel, project management and administration, permits, construction insurance, and engineering services. Since land cost is listed on Table 1 as a percent of revenue and not an initial capital cost, it is discussed in the O& M section. A range of approximately 25 -33 of total project costs was estimated for BOS costs in a recent design study based on a 50 MW windfarm using 275 kW wind turbines 21 . Other recent estimates are that BOS costs account for approximately 20 percent of the cost of energy from windfarms 20,36 . This indicates that BOS costs are approximately 25 of the total project cost. Therefore, using the TC 1996 FOB cost of 750 kW yields the BOS value of 250 kW...

Max Power Tracker Power Conditioning System

Balance of plant Structural and mechanical equipment such as the protective enclosure, heating ventilation ai r conditioning (HVAC), and maintenance auxiliary devices are non-trivial parts of the balance of plant. Other balance-of-plant features and costs include the foundation, structure (if needed), siting and permits, electrical protection an d safety equipment, metering equipment, data monitoring equipment, communications and control equipment, and project management and training.

Going Offshore

A company called Talisman Energy (NYSE TLM) was installing two heavy-duty turbines next to an existing oil and gas platform that would increase the efficiency of the original structure and maximize oil recovery from the field. Now while this would certainly give one of its older platforms a new lease on life, it also set the company up to lead the new power sector with up to 200 more turbines nearby. And it wasn ' t a difficult transition, because the company was already utilizing many of the project management, engineering, and fabrication skills developed in the UK's offshore oil and gas industry.

System Capital Costs

Balance of plant includes the facility to house the equipment, HVAC, the interface between the system and the utility, and the provision of services such as data gathering, project management, transportation, permitting, and financing . Balance of plant costs are low for this PV storage system because compact design enables the entire system to b e housed in a container. The balance of plant costs are reduced during the forecast period from 350 kW to 200 kW as lightweight, modular, factory-assembled systems become the norm 18,19,21 .


Microhydro Courses Covers MH systems from 35 W to 100 KW both battery-based and AC-only stand-alone or grid-tied. Learn to assess a stream, determine project feasibility, & design & install a system. US 80 to US 160. Prince George, BC. Oct. 26-28, '01, College of New Caledonia, 250-561-5801. Nelson, BC Apr. 26-28, '02, Selkirk College, 250-352-6601. Kamloops, BC, May 10-12, '02, Univ. College of Cariboo, 250-828-5039. Info


The 3rd International Renewable Energy Asia Pacific '96 (REAP'96) Exhibition and Conference will be taking place in Manila, Philippines, October 1996. This three day event for both the conference and exhibition and is dedicated to Solar Photovoltaics & thermal, wind, biogas biomass and hydro projects in the Asia Pacific region. The conference will focus on marketing strategies, project financing , policies and incentives for the implementation of renewable energy projects in the Asian countries. Exhibitors will display their latest in renewable energy and energy efficiency products and services. For more information contact Michelle Hassall, Project Manager, 5 F 3 Wood Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Tel +852-2574-9133 Fax +852-2574-1997.


Had performed assessments of the cost of different renewable energy technologies, the results were often challenged. A major reason for this was the lack of a comprehensive and consistent approach to the cost and performance parameters and the use of analysis models. Unlike the conventional energy arena where financial evaluations have been routinely performed for decades, analysts were unclear as to which cost factors must be included in determining project costs and which economic indicators and analysis models should be applied when assessing the viability of renewable energy technologies.

Net Present Value

All projects with positive NPV's should be pursued by an investor with an unconstrained capital spending budget. In practice, however, investors usually operate with budgets which are constrained. For instance, government spending is limited by the ability of the government to raise taxes or inm ir debt Public utility spending often comes under the control of regulatory agencies. Even the ability of a corporation to finance capital projects may be limited by its ability to borrow, raise equity, or by strategic corporate decisions. In these cases, the selection of the projects with the highest positive NPV may or may not provide the investor with the greatest net benefit. This will depend on the size of the individual project costs, relative to the investment constraint, and the relative returns from competing projects.

Falling Costs

Department of Energy on the U.S. wind power market supports this assertion. Entitled Annual Report on U.S. Wind Power Installation, Cost, and Performance Trends 2006, it analyzed project costs, turbine sizes, and developer consolidation, and concluded that Wind

About our Authors

Claudia Ho Lem is currently a Project Manager for REAP-Canada's International Development and Bioenergy Programs. A rural development specialist with over 10 years of experience in environmental project management, Ms. Ho Lem holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Science specializing in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Calgary. She has worked on bioenergy, climate change and agro-ecological development in China, the Philippines, Cuba, West Africa and Canada, supporting farming communities in increasing their self-sufficiency through participatory assessments, training and research. Her experience has given her an integrated understanding of the social, economic, biological, ecosystem and health impacts of agricultural development. Ms. Bailey Stamler is the Climate Change Project Manager with REAP-Canada. She has been working with REAP developing business plans for international carbon trading projects using small scale biomass energy technologies in the Philippines, Nigeria and...


Collaboration continued throughout the eight month writing period with Eric Martinot, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies, (Tokyo) who prepared the Global Status Report on Local Renewable Energy Policies in association with Monika Zimmerman and Maryke van Staden of ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability (Freiburg) and with Virginia Sonntag-O'Brien, REN 21, (Paris) who also provided useful comments on the final draft. Liaison was undertaken with New Energy Finance through Michael Liebreich and Heather Daniels (London). Valuable review comments were received from Kristian Petrick (Ecofys, Barcelona, Spain) Milou Beerepoot (Technical University, Delft, Netherlands) Franziska Breyer (Executive Manager, Environment, Freiburg, Germany) Bo Franks (Mayor of Vaxjo, Sweden) Paul Hoppe (Head of Energy, Freiburg, Germany) Monica Oliphant (President, International Solar Energy Society, Adelaide, Australia) John Mercer (Project Manager, Capital City Project, Adelaide Green City, ) St...

List of Contributors

Philip Heptonstall gained his first degree in economics. After a 15-year career as a business analyst and project manager in the London wholesale insurance markets, he gained an MSc in environmental technology, specializing in energy policy, at Imperial College. He is currently a research associate with the UK Energy Research Centre and ICEPT, and is the lead researcher on the UKERC's Technology and Policy Assessment function.

Key Words

This first edition of the Renewable Energy Technology Characterizations was prepared through a joint effort of the Electric Power Research Institute and the Office of Utility Technologies within the U.S. Department of Energy. Overall project management was provided by Joe Galdo (DOE OUT), with support from DOE program managers including Lynne Gillette (Biomass), Ray Fortuna, (Geothermal), Jeff Mazer (Photovoltaics), Tom Rueckert (Solar Thermal), Jack Cadogan (Wind) and Christine Platt (Storage). Contributions were made by the following authors

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