Oct. 20, '01; Solar Cooking Summit, Agua Caliente Park, San Diego County, CA. Boiling Water Recipe Contest, share info & technical innovations, solar oven building classes. For event questions or rule list, contact Ian Zalewski, [email protected]

Sept. 22-24, '01; Take Your Bedroom Off the Grid; Arcata, CA. Hands-on workshop: How to install PV as your budget allows. Workshop with Johnny Weiss. Redwood Alliance, PO Box 293, Arcata, CA 95518 • 707-822-7884 [email protected]

Arcata, CA. Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, Humboldt State University. Ongoing workshops & presentations on alternative, renewable, & sustainable living. CCAT, HSU, Arcata, CA 95521 • 707-826-3551

[email protected]

Rebates for PV & wind. CA Emerging Renewables Buydown Program, CA Energy Comm., 800-555-7794 or 916-654-4058 [email protected]

Dec. 11-14, '01; Sacramento, CA. EVAA Electric Transportation Industry Conference. Battery EVs, hybrids, path to commercialization. 650-365-2667 •

Energy Efficiency Building Standards for CA. CA Energy Comm. 800-772-3300

Sep. 30-0ct. 5, '01; UPEx'01: Photovoltaic Experience Conference & Exhibition. Hyatt Regency, Sacramento, CA. PV & distributed generation. Solar Electric Power Assoc. Contact: Julia Judd, 1800 M Street, NW, #300, Washington, DC 20036 • 202-857-0898 Fax: 202-223-5537 • [email protected]

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