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"Reliable, Affordable Components

* Large Library Of Adaptors *Most Experienced Tech Support "Design Assistance

Conversion Kits:

* Basic & Deluxe Universal Kits

Contain all drive system components. You add mounts, boxes, etc. to fit your model.

* Complete Custom Bolt-In Kits

Voltsrabbit for VW Rabbit, and Vo/tsporsche for Porsche 914. Completely prefabbed. No design or welding necessary, Kits include everything except donor car & batteries.

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(Outside the U.S. & Canada, add $5.00)


(your local solar expert)

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Take control of your own life. Thousands of people have gone BackHome to enjoy less complicated, more rewarding lives . . . and you can join them. In each bimonthly issue, find articles on topics such as: Alternative Home-Building Techniques, Organic Gardening, Selecting a Home Business, Living Mortgage Free, and much, much more!

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Wizard Speaks

the Wizard speaks...

Fleeting Glimpses

Here's a look into the idea well that constitutes the mind of the wizard. I hope you find it interesting.

• Chaos, or complexity, theory could possibly provide a basis for creating a unified field theory.

• A space-time that is curved implies that some form of energy is stored in the curvature.

• The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is both a theoretical and an observational problem, yet it may not be a reality problem.

• A unified field theory may be derivable from a single multi-valued, multi-variable scaler function.

• It may be that the operating system of the human brain is based on the principles of chaos theory.

• What happens to the charge when a particle and its anti-particle annihilate each other?

• Some gamma-ray bursts may be caused by the explosion of black holes.

• Although low probability states are infrequent, they are accessible.

• Is mass related to or a partial function of intrinsic spin?

• Perhaps the quantum wave function never really collapses.

Re-B energy

Authorized dealer for Proven and Bergy wind turbines.

Design, sell, & install hybrid power systems using wind & solar power.

Member: IPP, SEI

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