Early Radiant Energy Circuit Figure

It is assumed that the average reader of this publication is familiar with the elementary principles of radio transmission. Granting this, it is of course reasonable to believe that such readers will understand how an oscillating current is set up in a circuit comprising an inductance or coil of wire, a capacitor and a spark gap. The capacitor is charged with a high tension current from any convenient source such as a transformer or induction coil. When the potential stored in the capacitor reaches a critical value, the air in the gap between the spark gap electrodes can no longer stand the strain. The capacitor discharges across the gap in a succession of crashing sparks. As the current from the capacitor crosses the gap in one direction, it literally over-reaches itself just as a pendulum will swing past the neutral point when given a push by hand. After the first rush of current passes in one direction, a reversal of the cycle occurs and a second rush in the opposite direction occurs. This operation is repeated many thousands of times per second. The discharge gradually dies down as all the energy is either completely radiated or used up in heat or performing work. The oscillations cease once the potential across the capacitor has been lowered so that the spark can no longer jump the air gap. The capacitor immediately takes a fresh charge from the transformer and the entire cycle of operations is repeated. It will be understood that all of this passes in an infinitesimal fraction of a second. The charge and discharge of the capacitor takes place so rapidly that the observer can detect no change in the solid spark that appears continuously to fill the gap. It should also be understood that if the oscillating tank circuit has the correct impedance, reactance and inductance, it would absorb energy from an external oscillating electrical source. Energy is therefore captured. The tank oscillations can be kept alive by establishing resonance with the external source. In the case of Moray's early radiant energy receiver, the capacitor was charged through a material that acted like a high voltage diode. This material he called "Swedish stone." Electrons (electricity) were actually generated in the discharge tubes and fed back to the antenna and ground circuitry. This mode of energy generation is explained in more detail on pages 37 to 38.

What has been explained here is the Holy Grail of energy. The implications of this discovery are far and wide. Is humankind ready for such a revolutionary design? This receiver locks onto the very wheelwork of Nature. This device should last for many years with very little maintenance, no more than for a good radio.

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