Absolyte 100a-45

JOB OPENINGS FOR PROPERTY CARETAKERS. Landowners advertise free. Since 1983. Only $18/yr. The Caretaker Gazette, HC 76 Box 4022-P, Garden Valley, ID 83622. (208) 462-3993

************87 WATTS PV Copper Quad-Lams 150************ 8 or more, $160 4-7, $170 1-3, Used 1 Year Warranty VISA/MC

OK Free Information. 800-500-3216 ECO Designs._

AC GENIUS INVERTERS—Continuous Output 150 Watt—$89,

200 Watt—$119, Free UPS! VT. Solar 1-800-286-1252_

MIST OF THE SEA™ 99.99% NATURAL SHAMPOO Non-stripping. Tearless PH 6.5 Dandruff & Dry Scalp Control Made in an A.E. Environment 100% Guaranteed Send $2.00 plus an S.A.S.E. with 2 first class stamps. Receive by return mail 1 oz. concentrate that makes 16 oz's M.O.T.S. made, Distributed World Wide by Doctor Pennington's Personal Products Co. 4880

JACOBS 1800 WATT 32 V Complete inc Tower some Extras $1800—32V Motors $35 Each—850 Watt Delco Light Plant—

3KW Best Inverter $450 419-435-7087_

WINTER BOOSTER! Used Carrizo Laminates and Modules $207—$375. Other new & used alternative energy equipment.

Call after 6PM EST 703-381-4971_

M-51 SIEMENS SOLAR PANELS. Used, Good Condition. 1-4 for $170 Ea.; 5 or More $150 Ea. 717-530-8282 After 6 P.M. Eastern Time

***HEART INVERTERS*** New 1800 watts. 30 months factory warranty 50% off list price NOW $669 + UPS. Liquidation while supplies last. VISA/MC Wed.—Sat. 1-8 PM Solar Bill

Quartzside, AZ 800-74SQLAR_

I AM A SMALL WHOLESALER looking for retailers to carry my small hobby and electronic solar products. (916) 486-4373 (please leave a message)

AFFORDABLE LIGHTING PL 5, 7, 9 Watt adaptor w/lamp 8.90 PL 10, 13, Watt quad adaptor w/lamp 10.90 PL 5, 7, 9 Watt lamp 4.00 Ea. PL 10, 13 Watt quad lamp 6.00 Ea. Broderick Co. 1916-589-5481_

20 KW JACOBS wind generator for utility interconnect system on 100 foot freestanding tower; crated & ready to ship: new equipment with original factory warranty: $18,500 + shipping . 120 foot tower available for an additional $1800. Lake Michigan

VERMONT DEALER. Experienced, reliable, and honest RE dealer. PV, and micro-hydro system design, sales, installations and service. Quality components at competitive prices. Hot prices on Sun Frost refrigerators! Inverter Sale - new Power Stars, POW 200W $99, UPG 400W $295, 700W $410 while supplies last. OSRAM sale 2 pin CF tubes 7W, 9W $4.50, Quad 9W, 13W $6.50. Westerfield AC mag ballasts for 2 pin CF's $4.50, specify 13W, or 7 and 9 W. Independent Power & Light, RR1 Box 3054, Hyde Park, Vermont 05655 call David Palumbo toll free at 1-800-887-7194. No catalog requests please. SOLAR ELECTRIC AND ELECTRIC PARTS. Examples Solarex 60 watt panels $412, Trace 2512 inverters, $1175, electric vehicle conversion kits from $3,000 for most compact cars. Send SASE to Greenback Ventures, Box 376, 6331 Fairmount Ave., El

Cerrito, CA 94530. for listing. (Mail order only)._

ZAP! LOW LOSS, FAILSAFE DC Polarity Protector. Standard unit accepts cig lighter power plug, protects 12 Volt equipment to 5 Amps: $34 other models—custom units available. 12 VDC TV/FM signal Amp: $44 FREE Product Flyer. VISA MC Chk MO Prices include shipping/warranty. Add $5 for COD Grizz-O-Matic POB 158 Malo WA 99150-0158 24 hr voice message/Fax 509779-4119

HEAT EXCHANGER. Liquid to liquid. Mounted in the top of a tank it offers efficient delivery of domestic hot water from passive water storage tank. Used in the bottom it will deliver heat from the solar anti-freeze system to the tank. $250 + shipping. Call/write for free brochure and specs. Prairie Technologies,

P.O.Box 2132, Iowa City, IA 52244. (319) 338-0836._

SOUTHEAST ARIZONA (Tombstone-Bisbee-Sierra Vista) 160 acres adjacent to federal riparian habitat preserve (San Pedro River) 4000', grass/mesquite, 2BR doublewide MH, 12'x20' shop/shed, well, 400w PV w/tracker, Trace inverter, $128,000. Incredible views, isolation, quiet, perfect climate. Call 505-5859655 for more info.

BUILD YOUR OWN MINI PV PANELS for charging small nicads. Simple method costs less than three dollars per charger. Five dollars for plans and list of ideas for the feeding, watering and protection of crops, livestock and people. Remote automatic sensing and controls. SASE and one dollar for list. P.O. 1584

Tuolumne, CA 95379_

"SELF-REGENERATING" Electric Auto. Info. $2.00 (SASE) Ganther Engine Works, P.O. Box 1144 HP, Marshfield, WI 54449

FOR SALE 3.5 ACRES and 30 x 56, 3 bed rm house, 24 x 30 attached garage thru breezeway, deck, ground source heat pump. House fronted by pond, stocked with fish, sand beach, child's pole tree house, good location, scenic overview, good solar site, good wind site. 2 mi west of Princeton, MO on 136

SPECIAL PURCHASE OF GNB ABSOLYTE II & IIP (Gell Cell). The Best Gell Cells You Can Buy! These batteries are surplus, but in like new condition. Save over 75% by buying surplus over new. • 100A-45, 840 A/H, [email protected] $840. 24V $1680. [email protected]—L22 1/8" X H17 3/8" X D24 5/8" weight 750#s. [email protected]—L22 1/8" X H34 1/2" X D24 5/8" weight 1500#s. • 100A-45 1680 A/H [email protected] $1680, 24V $3200. [email protected]—L22 1/8" X H34 1/2" X D24 5/8" weight 1500#s. [email protected]—L22 1/8" X H69" X D24 5/8" weight 3000 #s. • No water additions or hydrometer readings are required. Freeze tolerance is -40° F. 1200 cycles to 80% of the capacity at 77°. 2400 cycles at 50% of the capacity at 77°. Northwest Energy Storage, 10418 Hwy 95 N, Sandpoint, ID 83864, (208) 263-6142.

Quick Start Job Guide

Quick Start Job Guide

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