Figure B. 1: Capacitor loaded model of VHM


Figure B. 1: Capacitor loaded model of VHM

Figure B. 1 shows the equivalent circuit of a VHM connected to a resistive load and parallel capacitor. Labelled are the open circuit emf, E, the voltage at the output of the prediction model, Vm, the voltage dropped across the imaginary inductor, VL, and the load voltage VLD. The phasor representation of these voltages is given in Figure B. 2.

Figure B. 2: Voltage phasor representation of circuit

The cosine rule for triangles is given in its usual form in Equation (B.1) and rearranged in (B.2).

The resulting equations for angles for P and O are given in (B.3)and (B.4) respectively.

a is deduced to be n-O. Figure B. 3 shows the similar triangle 'abc' from Figure B. 2 re-drawn in terms of the flux linkage cutting the VHM coils, using the equivalence of (4.32).

Figure B. 3: Equivalent flux linkage phasor
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