To convert daltons to kg, divide by 6.02213670 x 1026.

Deuterium is a very abundant fusion fuel. It exists in immense quantities in Earth's oceans. It is also relatively easy to ignite. It can undergo three different reactions with itself:

For each reaction, calculate the energy released and, assuming equipartition of momenta of the reaction products, the energy of each product.

What is the energy of the photon released in Reaction 3?

1.12 Random access memories (RAMs) using the Zing Effect were first introduced in 1988 but only became popular in 1990 when they accounted for 6.3% of total RAM sales. In 1994 they represented $712 million of a total of $4.75 billion. Sales of all types of RAMs reached $6 billion in 1997.

A company considering the expansion of Z-RAM production needs to have an estimate of the overall (all manufacturers) sales volume of this type of memory in the year 2000. Assume that the growth rate of the overall dollar volume of RAM sales between 1900 and 2000 is constant (same percentage increase every year) 1.13 A 1500-kg Porsche 912 was driven on a level highway on a windless day. After it attained a speed of 128.7 km/h, it was put in neutral and allowed to coast until it slowed down to almost standstill. The coasting speed was recorded every 10 seconds and resulted in the following table.

From the given data, derive an expression relating the decelerating force to the velocity.

Calculate how much horsepower the motor has to deliver to the wheel to keep the car at a constant 80 mph.

Coasting time Speed Coasting time Speed

(s) (km/h) (s) (km/h)

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Solar Stirling Engine Basics Explained

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