Relatively few heliostats have been manufactured to date, and their cost is high (>$250/m2). As the demand for solar power increases, heliostat mass production methods will be developed that will significantly reduce their cost (actua l evidence of this has been seen in the parabolic trough industry). Research is currently being conducted under the Solar Manufacturing Technology (SolMaT) Initiative to develop low-cost manufacturing techniques for early commercia l low volume builds. Prices are a strong function of annual production rate, as shown in Figure 7. They were estimated by U.S. heliostat manufacturers for rates < 2,500/yr [9-11]. The price for high annual production (50,000/yr) is a rough estimate. It was obtained by assuming that the price of the entire heliostat scaled with the price of the drive system . Prices for heliostat drives at production levels from 1 to 50,000 units per year were provided by a U.S. drive manufacturer [12,13]. (50,000 units corresponds to 1 GW of additional capacity per year.)

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