Overview Of Solar Thermal Technologies Solar Thermal Power Cost and Development Issues

The cost of electricity from solar thermal power systems will depend on a multitude of factors. These factors, discussed in detail in the specific technology sections, include capital and O&M cost, and system performance. However, it i s important to note that the technology cost and the eventual cost of electricity generated will be significantly influenced by factors "external" to the technology itself. As an example, for troughs and power towers, small stand-alone projects will be very expensive. In order to reduce the technology costs to compete with current fossil technologies, it will b e necessary to scale-up projects to larger plant sizes and to develop solar power parks where multiple projects are buil t at the same site in a time phased succession. In addition, since these technologies in essence replace conventional fuel with capital equipment, the cost of capital and taxation issues related to capital intensive technologies will have a strong effect on their competitiveness.

Solar Power

Solar Power

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