System OM Costs

Operation & maintenance costs consist of fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs include cooling and genera l maintenance at the site. Variable costs include recharging the batteries and periodically replacing the batteries. These O&M costs are presented as annual expenses in the prior table. The cooling charge is based on a power managemen t system which consists of eight modules, each one of which is the same size as the system being characterized here [18]. The unit must be installed in an air-conditioned room [4], and thus, the parasitic load for the cooling fans is quite small at 1.25 kW. At a peak or shoulder rate of 50/kWh, the annual cost of the cooling load for the 30 kW system is $548. The general maintenance cost of $1,000/year is based on the experience of CEMC with a larger flooded lead-aci d battery.

The recharging cost is calculated as the kW rating * discharge time * ( (1 - AC-to-AC efficiency) + 1) * off-peak 0/kWh rate * 100 days/year. The 30 kW unit requires a 37.2 kWh charge (given 76% efficiency [4]), at a 1.50/kWh off-peak rate, costs $56 annually in 1997.

The cost of battery replacement is based on an expected battery life of three years. Thus, on average, the annual cos t of battery replacement is one third the cost of the batteries. Expanded battery life increases to five years in 2000 an d ten years in 2010 and later, so replacement costs improve accordingly.

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