Utility Application

Because of their versatility and hybrid capability, dish/engine systems have a wide range of potential applications. I n principle, dish/engine systems are capable of providing power ranging from kilowatts to gigawatts. However, it i s expected that dish/engine systems will have their greatest impact in grid-connected applications in the 1 to 50 MW e power range. The largest potential market for dish/engine systems is large-scale power plants connected to the utilit y grid. Their ability to be quickly installed, their inherent modularity, and their minimal environmental impact mak e them a good candidate for new peaking power installations. The output from many modules can be ganged togethe r to form a dish/engine farm and produce a collective output of virtually any desired amount. In addition, systems ca n be added as needed to respond to demand increases. Hours of peak output are often coincident with peak demand. Although dish/engine systems do not currently have a cost-effective energy storage system, their ability to operate with fossil or bio-derived fuels makes them, in principal, fully dispatchable. This capability in conjunction with thei r modularity and relatively benign environmental impacts suggests that grid support benefits could be a major advantage of these systems.

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