Longterm Strategies

Other U.S. policies attempt to address the issue of limited energy supply on a longer-term basis. Such policies have involved increasing energy supply, reducing energy demand, or attempting to do both. U.S. strategies to increase supply have involved attempts to tap into further sources of fuel domestically or to stimulate existing domestic production by offering tax incentives or other advantages. Another strategy has been to increase the amount of energy derived from renewable sources. This latter strategy has involved government programs to subsidize renewable energy production or to offer tax incentives to those who generate energy from renewable sources. U.S. measures to reduce demand have included efforts to encourage energy conservation and efficiency by regulating the levels of energy produced and consumed—for example, by requiring that vehicles meet a certain level of fuel efficiency. No matter what approach the United States has taken to increase energy supply or to reduce energy demand, however, nearly every strategy has sparked some type of controversy.

Increasing Energy Supply

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