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Many of the energy-related policies, programs, laws, and statements issued by the United States attempt to tackle several energy-related concerns at once. The most recent major U.S. energy law is the Energy Policy Act of 2005, excerpts of which are reproduced here. In its original form this law is more than 1,700 pages long and contains regulations whose stated purpose is to take on many, if not all of, the key U.S. energy-related issues. However, for ease of use, this law and the other U.S. documents included here have been grouped according to the predominant issue or issues addressed by the excerpts chosen for inclusion, into the following sections:

Shortages in Energy Supply, Crises in the Energy Sector, and Foreign Oil Dependence

Affordability of Energy Resources and Energy's Impact on the Economy

Energy's Environmental Impact

Renewable and Alternative Energy Technologies

Nuclear Energy

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