A Guide to Building an Electric Generator That Saves 75% of Electricity

Overunity Generator Guide

Biggies like Big Electric are actually earning more than they deserve, all by supplying us energy that could have been provided for almost free.

That’s right. This revelation came as a surprise to the author of Overunity Generator Guide who discovered a hidden method of building a generator based on the principals of overunity.

According to the principle, electricity fields at play help a current amplify without losing its vitals. Any small current passing from the first field of electricity is amplified by 6 times and that happens not at the expense of any of its amps or volts. This way, when the output current is received, it is more efficient.

This principle has been the center of operation of many electricity providers like Big Electric; however, they have been hiding the very feasible and cost-effective nature of it.

But not for long.

Overunity Generator Guide

We talked about the principal of overunity above and as you’ve guessed by now, this miraculous guide has the blueprints of the original overunity generator invented by a veteran inventor.

Born and brought up in Port Huron, Michigan, he had a knack for mechanics and electronics since childhood. His interests brought him to New York at a very tender age where he began creating and researching electric and mechanic products that could change the very life of human beings, making daily things we use more cost-effective. Due to his sheer commitment to this moto, he managed to have some 1093 US patents to his name and more than 1000 UK, France and Germany patents.

His machines were used by renowned companies in these countries and apparently, he was making a good reputation until he created an electricity generator that could generate electricity by using the principal of overunity. For the generations to come, this could mean the generation of cheap electricity without any major inputs of elements.

However, it was not to be this way.

Soon as they learned, big fishes like Big Electric sensed a threat to their monopoly and decided to do away with the inventor and everyone endorsing the project.

Unfortunately, they were successful in doing so. They burnt major repositories of the blueprints and other technical material necessary to build this generator. They even killed a few of the people who knew about it.

However, like many inventors that do not hesitate to do anything to save their creations, the creator of overunity generator also hid his copy of blueprints and other technical details.

After his death, one of his family members discovered this hidden treasure and built the generator with the help of his engineer friends. He was able to generate electricity cheaper than what was supplied by Big E. He observed that he could save more than 75% on his electricity bills and use this money for something else – something that mattered the most like a holiday.

Why was this invention not revealed?

Its revelation had been barred by the biggies like Big E. in the first place. But even when it was discovered, it wasn’t revealed for the same reasons. The family members of the inventor feared that their fate could be horrible like their predecessors.

But what they didn’t know is that they cannot keep a treasure hidden for long.

The author of Overunity Generator Guide discovered the blueprints of the device and as soon as he realized how fruitful it can be in changing the energy industry, he gathered the information in the form of a guide he named Overunity Generator Guide.

As you can see, the name of the guide perfectly encompasses the principal of the electricity generation of the generator.

How can it help you generate cheap electricity?

The answer to this question lies in the overunity principle of the electric fields. But this is not enough when it comes to saving costs.

  • The generator does not require an electrician to build it, so you don’t have to hire anyone.
  • It takes mere hours to be fully erect and functioning.
  • You don’t have to arrange for a special place for it. You can keep it in your basement, living room, lawn, and anywhere in your house.
  • You don’t have to meet any transportation expenses because it can be easily dismantled and set up in new areas just in hours. Also, if you set it up in one place, you can power another one without any hassle.
  • It requires the same elements to operate as the conventional machines. So, you won’t have to buy anything special for it.

Well, this is all about the cost-effective nature of the generator. Think about how this could benefit you in the long run.

  • You would have your house lit even when your area has been experiencing multiple blackouts because of some storm.
  • It will generate electricity strong enough to power all of your appliances.
  • You would save more than 75% on your electricity bills.
  • You will have that independence from the likes of Big E. which you wanted all your life.

Overunity Generator Guide is your chance to shake off the shackles of slavery and experience power independence just the way you deserve it. So, why delay getting the guide?

Overunity Generator Guide
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