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 The creator of Blackout USA goes by the name of   Alec Deacon, who is one of the renowned authors in the country. He is an author at "Backyard Liberty" and also an editor of He has published articles for a period now with his article being read in the whole World make him be a global icon. Alec has spent close to two decades studying for the survival situation where he has gathered all the necessary knowledge and skills in matters to do with survival in a remote and hard situation. In more specific ways he has specialized in wilderness and rural survival. 

 The author understands well about home protection, bugging- out, and supply- stacking. In addition to that, he also understands the survival in all kind of disaster. On top of his career as an author, he is husband and father and more so a devoted Christian. He has always dedicated all his time to ensure that his family is well protected from any harm and also the ways in responding to an emergency if it would arise. With all are all the materials which would be needed to ensure there is maximum protection for his family.


 You have all the reason to trust the product due to the following reason:

 Author Vast Experience

 Alec Deacon has extensive experience in a survival situation where he has spent all his life conducting some research which is related to the survival situation. Due to his experience, he has been able to compile the program which would be relied on by other people to ensure maximum protection.

 His Academic Qualifications

 The creator of the program has spent close to two decades in studying, which makes him have a lot of knowledge in a survival situation. He has specialized in the rural and the wilderness where he has vast expertise in supply- stacking, farming among other vital skills which would make the program to be more reliable

 Positive Reviews

 The program has been reviewed positively by other people who have been able to use the product before. Positive reviews are clear evidence that the product could be relied upon when one needs to increase the level of protection to the loved ones.


In the past, the USA has been hit by power blackout which has persisted for long making people freeze in the cold, especially during the cold winter. During this period everybody was concerned with developing all the ways which would help to solve the problem and at least let people enjoy some warmth. Alec Deacon has come up with some survival situation tips which would be vital in the case where there are power blackout and one need to ensure there is maximum protection to the family and the loved ones. We all understand the importance of power in our country, and thus if there would be power blackout in the country, it would then cause a lot of damages and losses.


Protection of Your Electronics

 Electronics uses powers to operates, and thus, there is a need to ensure there is maximum protection of all the electronics in your home. In addition to that, it is good to note that most of the electronics are prone to destruction especially where is high voltage power or blackout hence there is need to have some fundamental guidelines which would ensure maximum protection. Electro-Magnetic pulse has significant impacts on the electronic devices, and thus there is need to have all the measure put in place to ensure maximum protection Some of the electronics need to be moved away after the EMP to avoid destruction.

 Home Protection Strategies

 In the program, there are some key strategies which have been outlined regarding home protection, and this would ensure that your family gets protected from all the threats which would cause any harm. There are many harms which would be expected to occur in the process where there is power blackout in the home, and this would need to get resolved before it would happen. For instance, there is a need to keep away the looter away from your home to ensure there is no possible power execution, especially after the EMP. In addition to that, there is several measures and strategies which has been put forth given home protection, which needs to be developed to ensure that your family and home are protected.

 Ways of Preserving Food Supplies and Medicine Without a Fridge

 In our home, we usually use the refrigerator to protect food and also medicine to avoid spoiling, but in the process when there Is power blackout, there will be a problem because the fridge needs power.  In this case, we have developed some key concepts which would help preserve the food without spoiling fast until when the power blackout would get resolved. There are some key strategies which could get followed, which include drying and trimming of the vegetable to ensure they stay for an extended period. Also, you can preserve your fruits or medical supplies in the tin of water, which would add some more time.

 How to Create Your Power?

 We all depend on the power from the national grid, but this would be down hence leading to some blackout in the country. However, this would be resolved by creating some alternative power sources which would help to ensure all the electronics which need power are running effectively. For instance, if you have a solar panel, it would help produce some energy would be used as a source of power in your home. Most of the electronics would need some power, and this would source from the solar panel. However, there is a need to take into proper consideration the nature of the electronics which you have in the house to avoid purchasing a solar panel which does not support all the electronics.

 Manual Instruction to Collect Gadget Which Offers Protection for All Hardware from EMP

 The program comes with some manual instructions which would help one to install the gadget which would ensure that all the hardware you have get protected when the EMP arise. EMP would have high destruction impacts on the hardware, but this would get resolved if the gadget was installed, which would ensure maximum protection. In this case, the program has a clear guideline, which if it were followed, it would ensure there is maximum protection. All the hardware includes all the electronics in the house and also all the necessary gadget in the house.

 Ways of Ensuring Your Car Remain Running After EMP

Your vehicle will continue running even after the Electro-Magnetic plus after following some simple steps which been outlined in the instruction manual. In addition to that, you can also ensure that all your automobiles are also running in more effective manners even after the execution of EMP. When the EM strike your get automobile, it would likely to cause the circuit to break, but this would not hinder the motor from running because it would get supported by others ways hence the car will be able to complete the circuit.

What Problem Can the Product Help to Solve?

Blackout USA comes to solve several problems which relate to the power in the country. In a more specific way, the product addresses the following:

  Power Blackout Problem

 The program solves all the issues which relate to a power blackout in the country and how one would respond to all the issues which relate to the power. For instance, during the cold winter when there would be power blackout the program details all the necessary measure which would be followed and restore the light in the house.

Home Protection Problems

Blackout USA programs ensure that all the issues which relate to the protection of the families have been resolved more professionally hence ensure there is maximum protection in the families.  For instance, EMP is likely to cause some more complicated problems to the family, and there is a need for the families to consider the most optimal protection measure which would ensure the family is protected.


 The product is generally available in two main formats which include the following, for instance, it is available in eBook formats and also hard copy to ensure you have full access to the information in the case when there is a blackout. 


  • Bonus one: Off- Grid Home Protection Systems

 It is a unique report which could be used to offer home defense in the home against looters or violent criminals. You will learn all the essential tips to ensure there is home safety without necessary using the electric power. In addition to that, you will also learn of the various dog breeds which would ensure that your home gets fully protected. You can also learn how to protect your family by planting some bushes or the alarm systems.

  • Bonus two: How to make your pharmacy

 It is the ultimate guide to all the survival medicine. It will come with a report which will show all the natural treatment; hence, there is no need to have the doctors to treat you. In addition to that, you will have all the remedies which would help you heal. Natural treatment would ensure that you have maximum healing when you are alone.


 The product is intended to all the families who have access to the power in the country. The product has been in existence for some time and does not need any intermediate skills.

Blackout USA
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