The Magnifier Engine Review

The creator of this particular product is Darren Holman. For the past two years, he has been assisting his fellow citizens and their families. He has helped them to get enlightened on the alternative use of energy. And he is quite passionate about helping people get control of their energy use at home. This has seen them start generating their own power using a home-made engine from spare parts.

However, the provision of electrical energy always comes at a cost, at times much more than we anticipate. This can lead your monthly utility costs to increase, and electricity is a major necessity that causes an expensive life. If you are experiencing such, then the Magnifier Engine is the solution that you have been seeking.

What is the product?

The Magnifier Engine is an alternative electrical energy source that you can use to provide energy in your home. This home-made engine uses a simple mechanism of air expansion to get working and provide the energy you require. Based on relatable inventions that have been kept hidden from the society from long ago, now is put to work. The mechanism facts that the principle works on are:

  • When you heat up the air, it expands,
  • Hot air rises up,
  • The simple engines use a heat source to heat up air found inside a chamber,
  • The heated air expands, as a result, it pushes a piston in one direction away from the heat source,
  • During this process, as the piston moves away, the air is cooled which in turn causes the piston to move back to the opposite direction,
  • All these happen with the piston attached to a wheel which spins due to the process,

These concepts are essential in the working of our Magnifier Engine. It is in itself a concept of a type of self-sustaining energy production. This is the aim of product innovation. However, a key issue had to be addressed, that of the source of heat to heat up the air. Gas and electricity are of course some of the heat options you could venture into. But a more efficient one is the use of a parabolic lens. With this, you can use the sun’s energy to get your engine to produce electricity.

In times when there is not enough sunlight, you can use natural gas to power the engine. Another alternative is using a small amount of electricity. A small amount of electricity is sufficient to run the engine as it can amplify the amount of energy produced for use.

What does the product entail?

It is all about being energy independent. This is quite possible when you have your own Magnifier Engine. This program entails the illustrated and video guides on how you can set up your own home-made generator. And you can achieve this just in about three hours and you will have your super-efficient homemade generator.

Let us take a look at what is in store for you in this Magnified Engine program. In this program you will find;

  1. Detailed material list of what you require, this also include the exact size and amount of each item to obtain and where they are found,
  2. An illustrated guide of how to precisely build the entire home-made engine from scratch,
  3. Clear HD- videos that show you how to assemble the parts step by step. The videos are divided into parts. In the first part of the video, you will be able to learn how to build the engine using parts found at the hardware store. Or what is referred to as follow-along audiovisuals. The second part of the project is showing you how the engine can run using two different heat sources.

It is in the second part that you should be keen on. Here you will get to learn on the versatility of the Magnifier Engine. These and much more you can find in the product program as you take on the journey to using clean energy.

What can this product help you solve?

Aside from cutting down on your utility costs, this product brings you a way of learning skills. If you have never grabbed a toolbox or put together a piece of equipment, you will learn.

Using this technology will assist you to get clean energy for use around the homestead. Building the Magnifier Engine is going to be the easiest project that you have ever done. Moreover, this project is a long-term solution to your utility bill menace every other month.

With the help of a video guide, you can set up your Home-made engine and be set to use clean energy without any worries about the electricity bill. You can start hacking away your electricity bill every other month.

What you need to know

At the point when you have acquired the material list, you can get everything you require at the local hardware store. This is the first step towards the Magnifier Engine era in your homestead.

But before venturing into the hardware stores, check around your home, there might be some of the required items just sitting there! That is more great news for you, you might find most of the things in your garage. Either there or the town junkyard where you can get most of the things for free.

The second step involves following the illustrated video guide for setting up the engine. This involves the connections, bolt as well as screw assembly parts. The guide provides easy to follow steps that are clearly illustrated for you.

The videos will walk you through each step of the assembly process. The videos are quite detailed, so there is nothing you will miss. All you need to do is follow the later steps and copy the actions. Before you know it, you will be able to construct a Magnifier Engine ready to power up your home.

All this is possible under just three hours of your time. Keep in mind that all the materials you will be using are quite basic and most importantly are durable. This will give your home-made engine a rugged look. The other significant aspect to consider about your engine is that it requires virtually no maintenance.

Some important features of the engine

And that is not all! It is resistant to water or rain, the wind, snow and more! These are the elements that can pose big threats and danger to most machines, but not ours. What more could you need to convince that this is the real deal? I know I am for it, others have done it and are now enjoying clean energy at their homes, so can you.

The size of it will surprise you, as a matter of fact, you can place it anywhere. It is just about the size of a small sewing desk. This implies that you can carry it from one point to another, and also it is easily unnoticeable.

There is much you can save on if you get your math right. This is not an opportunity to let pass or ignore. The provision of power to your home is important for several reasons. These include the following:

  • Provision of security – this can come in the form of alarms. During the day if you leave the house you need to leave your property locked up and secured. This also applies for nights, time to rest and you need to keep your family safe and have a peaceful night. Security lights and alarms come in handy.
  • To run machines – electrical equipment run on electricity, these provide certain needs for the family. For instance, the television, fridge, coffee jug, toaster, among others.
  • Making your home lively – the lights at night usually are an indication that there are people around.

These and many other reasons are why you need electricity at your home. The home-made engine is here to change that. This is the energy solution for you and your family. Invest today and use the chance to save on what you have always wanted. It is both a solution and the best way to go green on energy use. And this is just at home, think of the many achievements we can get in the future. But it has to start at home with you, then reach out to the world. Generate your own power for use.

Aren’t there any other renewables?

Yes, there are, and with the growing world, more and more technologies are being introduced. But the problem is the cost that comes with the clean energy techs. For instance, the solar panel systems, what you will have to dig deep into your pockets to get a system. On the other hand, with the Magnifier Engine, you can spend less than 5% of what you would incur to get the solar system installed.

What is the format of this product?

Your purchase will give you access to blueprints, illustrated guides as well as the list of materials or requirements. That is not all, it comes with audiovisuals to help show how exactly to do the set-up of the whole Magnifier Engine. This implies you get to learn how to build it from scratch step by step until it is finished and ready for use.

All this is possible with the help of your computer, smartphone or even tablet at the comfort of your home. That’s right, you can get access to everything online! The blueprints, guides and the material list can be downloaded from the net. You are all set, so what is holding you back? Take the step to use if clean energy in your homestead whilst saving up some funds.

In addition, if you ever run into some complications with the set-up, you can always find help. This is thanks to the unlimited access email assist and support. You are all set with this. There is absolutely no reason for you not to build your own home-made engine. Thousands of people have done it, you can as well if you have the interest.

Who is it intended for?

This product is intended to anyone who wishes to save some cash for use and cut down on their utility costs. You can be a parent who wishes to save for your kids’ college funds, you could be in debt and have no way out. Using this Magnifier Engine is your best shot! You will not only get to slice the electricity bill by more than half but also save up some cash on your future projects.

All you have to do is get the Magnifier Engine kit that will give you the necessary things to build this invention. There are no requirements for you to be able to set up this Home-made engine. The Magnifier Engine program is designed to be easy to use from the very beginning to the finish. And this is very possible even for the average Joe out there.


Generally, you spend a lot at the end of every month. Most of the times you are undecided on what to cut on and save. This is because most of the things are essential in your day to day life. There are always hard sacrifices to make, but with this home-made engine, you be saving on one major utility. Electricity prices are always fluctuating and it is usually on the higher side of cost.

Let all your worries go and embark on this journey. Try something new for a change and see how it will make a difference in your life. There thousands of families that have already tried this Magnifier Engine invention and have good results out of it. If it can work for them, why not you?

The cost of investing in this home-made machine is worth the while. In some instances, you might be having the materials in your garage without knowing, that would make your investment cost cheaper. Almost every part of the machine be available and is waiting for you. Get yourself the blueprints and commence making your own home-made engine and enjoy clean energy.

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