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Phone 4 Energy


Ryan Wilson is a telephone engineer and energy specialist who has been working in the field of telecommunications for over twenty years. He began his career as a landline technician and has worked hard to be at the level he is now, gathering experiences along the way. He made a very important discovery during his working years which is that every house or home has access to a not-so-obvious source of power, even when there is a power outage.

From his discovery, he noted that the telecommunications company generates power (electricity) by themselves which is separate from that which is generated by the Power Generation Company. Therefore this results in the possibility of having a readily available source of power in your home with no extra charges attached. So as a way to assist and reach out to other people, he came up with the idea of harnessing the power generated from the telephone lines and using it to power other appliances in the home.

Ryan can be trustworthy because as someone who owns a household and having spent much also on paying for his electric bill he is driven to put a stop to this and I would love to assist all who face the same problem to be able to solve it by completely reducing their electric power bills.


Phone 4 Energy is an innovative initiative that makes it possible to harness or take the electricity from the telephone line and use it to power up other appliances and gadgets in the household. It helps one to save more from the money one would use to settle the costs of electricity.

Phone 4 energy kit is also known as the do-it-yourself kit. It was created in such a way that it is very easy to study, and it has clear instructions illustrating the entire making process.

The technique involved in this process is very easy and with guidance, one can build or construct the phone 4 energy kit themselves. The kit is available for purchase which comes with a manual and a guide which is available for purchase in eBook format. You can also view the instructions via the internet.


Most times one is left wondering why the electricity bill is always on the high side, even when you are now aware that the power running the telephone line is different. And it is not good to spend so much on electric bills when you can power your appliances and gadgets at no extra cost.

There is a very important thing about this kit, and that is the fact that it was constructed with the learner in mind so much that they can easily grasp every step involved in the building process with less stress as they go from the set up to the conclusion.

 And in order to ensure the simplicity of this system, a test was carried out on a group of subjects who did not know anything about power generation. This yielded a positive result because as at the end of the test, participants were able to complete the conversion of the power of their telephone line to usable power.

So, it is important to note that, as at the time before the test, all subjects had zero knowledge of the processes that are involved in power generation so implying that if they can achieve that after the test, then it implies that with the instructions, anybody can create energy from their phone line.

The bottom line is, for each system that is installed, you will incur fewer expenses, which is a welcomed development and lesser money for the electric power companies. They definitely will not be happy with this, but, individuals and households will tend to enjoy their money by utilizing more electric power at a low cost. The worst-case scenario will be the reduction in power demand from these power companies as the customer base will greatly diminish.

By this action, those who consume great amounts of electric power and can pay for it are allowed to do so while those who cannot pay or want to find a way to save up for some other projects that they have at hand can easily embrace the -Phone 4 Energy- team. Funny enough, this not only works but as earlier mentioned it is easily set up and with the help of your kit, you can simply power your appliances with the use of your telephone. So with this, the power companies will no longer be able to withstand the strength of technological breakthroughs.

Finally, for those household owners who will be needing their coffee pot warm to serve you during the day or also their air conditioners running in order to keep you cool during the heat of the summer or more so, will be needing light to be able to see in the dark, it will be a shame for you to be spending so much on electric power, this resource that you cannot live without. So if you require all these appliances and your gadgets running and at all times, there is no need spending thousands of dollars to achieve this when you can simply get energy for free and at no extra charge.

Be assured that this system will definitely help reduce or even completely eradicate the cost of your electric bills.

With all this knowledge about the product, we will now list out its associated pros and cons


  • This system will help you tap into the electricity used by your telephone line and use it to power your household appliances.
  • It provides a safer way to power your gadgets at a lesser cost.
  • It enables you to be able to save up and spend your money on the things that you enjoy.
  • It provides you with a secret origin of electric power rated up to 110 volts.
  • It makes available to you your source of free energy and at your beck and call.
  • It will help provide electricity for your house on occasions where there is an emergency power outbreak.
  • It helps you in preserving your environment among other things.


  • Internet connection will be required to gain access to this program as it is available online.

Bottom Line

You cannot find any other program or means so unique that it enables you to save power and use it in your households enabling you to reduce your cost of electricity bills. So, make sure you do not miss out on this opportunity.

Phone 4 Energy
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