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Power Innovator Program

Energy is the most Fundamental part of our lives. Nowadays, we are totally dependent on energy. I need to watch something on TV, play a game, wash clothes etc. for this energy is required and I cannot deny the fact that it is a great discovery which changed the standard of living of the mankind. Electric power is generally generated from the waterfalls and dams through an artificial process. Electric power is also collected from the coals by installing thermal stations near the coal mines. Hence manufacturing electricity incurs a lot of cost and the cost for making it increases the expenses of the consumers. At the end I have to pay much to meet the requirement I have. Every time I think how to use the electricity judiciously, no idea strikes my mind. If I can reduce the cost it will help me in my savings. One day while surfing on the internet I found the Power Innovator which can reduce the cost upto 82% without changing the way I am using electricity. If I could reduce the amount I pay regularly for electricity and energy bills and still enjoy the exact amount of energy, I mean what’s better than that.

Power Innovator is based on the invention of the great scientist Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer. Nikola Tesla was the inventor of hundreds of electrical devices and one of this is the Power Innovator. According to various articles on Power Innovator, Nikola Tesla said that, "This will change the energy world forever".

Power Innovator in simple words is a device that will save upto 82% or even more electricity bills on the same usage.

As I was curious about to know the history behind its invention, how could one use this and where to get it from? I searched the internet for the details. During my search I got to know that Dr. Richard Goran has put together a program that will aware the people about the efficiency of the Power innovator. He is motivated from the inventions of Nikola Tesla and also sympathetic to his story of disloyalty from the large industrialists. He created an instructional video on how one can use the device.

How does the power innovator works?

This is a creation which I can take anywhere and will work anywhere because of its portability. It can power from a radio to a TV. Yes, this is why it is most useful and powerful invention that can the change the world scenario. The device is a bifilar coil which is popularly known as Tesla coil. The coil is installed in the circuit for use. Tesla coil is durable and can work without any replacing. It can improve an electricity source into 5 times more immediately, completely and without any interference for the rest of your life. So now I can try to make my own device, could find websites who sell it or could buy it from the local seller.

Why one should use Power Innovator?

  • It is easy to use and any person can understand its
  • It is available on economical price and it will help to save upto 82% on electricity bills.
  • It is a portable device and can be used for any household device.
  • It can be used anywhere and can improve the source completely for the rest of the life.


It is an excellent invention which should be used by every household. Yes but I would like to advice you all to buy it from a reliable source or you guys can try it out by yourself. So hurry now and buy POWER INNOVATOR.

Power Innovator Program

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