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Case Viii The Green Energy Plan

The case of the Green Energy Plan is the story of how the description of concrete technical alternatives can be used to raise Choice Awareness in the public debate on a national energy policy. The Green Energy Plan was published by the Danish General Workers' Union and introduced in the spring of 1996 as an input to the public debate on the future energy system of Denmark. The official Danish energy plan, Energy 21 (Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy 1996), was adopted soon after the public debate. The case description is based on the books Elements of a Green Energy Plan Which Can Create Job Opportunities (Lund 1996), Feasibility Studies and Public Regulation in a Market Economy (Hvelplund and Lund 1998a), and A Green Energy Plan for Denmark. Job Creation as a Strategy to Implement Both Economic Growth and CO2 Reduction (Lund 1999b).

Job Wanted

Jordan Energy Institute graduate seeking employment in the alternative energy or environmental restoration field. Experience includes Solar domestic hot water and solar heated pool installation and maintenance, stream macroinvertebrate analysis and clean-up. Willing to train in wind technology. References and resume available. Interested in relocating to the Pacific Northwest or Southwest (AZ or NM) but willing to entertain other options. Seeking a cooperative living situation rent sharing, co-housing, land trust, or egalitarian intentional community (urban, sub-urban or rural but must have access to urban cultural scene). Currently on long job-hunting, home hunting road journey. Would like to decide by this fall or early winter.


We attended the next (all too) few SEERs, and were sad to see them dwindle to a halt by 1994. But then again, the greatest percentage of RE dealers and producers were as lean and mean budgeted as we were. The facts of business are understood by us, since by then we too had developed an RE related business. One of the amp gulpers which we had set aside for generator use had been vacuuming. Rediscovering the 3 and 4 amp Kirby vacuums of yesteryear allowed us to not only switch its use to our Trace 612, it also created a business of supplying other RE households with an efficient and quality appliance. A big bonus was that this business let us work at home while we continued to complete our house. AND, it fit within our energy system

Paul E Zellar

Jacobs Wind Generator

Continuing developments in this country and abroad point up the timeliness of JEI's program in electric-vehicle maintenance. GM's Impact and rumors about the company's secret Project Freedom four-wheel-drive electric vehicle amply demonstrate the interest in Detroit. California's recent regulations mandate the sale of electric vehicles in their state by 1998. It is estimated that the number of electric vehicles that must be built to meet this demand will total half a million units by the year 2003. Will New York follow suit If so, the demand for electric vehicles will be vastly greater, and the need for mechanics qualified to service this great surge is obvious. Conversations with those in the industry persuade us that our graduates will be well received in the job market. The number of electric vehicles is already increasing rapidly. The program we have developed will undoubtedly change as we all learn more, but the emphasis will stay on teaching students the basic principles, the...

The Home Business Guru

The Home Business Guru

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