Figure Solar diffusion under World Bank project Idcol Shs in Bangladesh

Source: IDCOL (2007), p3

The original target for the World Bank project when it began in 2002 was 50,000 solar systems over five years. But the project met its target by September 2005, almost three years ahead of schedule and US$2 million under budget. And given the momentum, other donors were encouraged to enter. German aid agencies KFW and GTZ both contributed to the project, helping to extend its run of success.

With these new sources of funding in hand, IDCOL - the agency administering the project - set a new target of a total of 200,000 solar systems by the end of 2009. Again this target was met ahead of schedule: as of May 2008, 211,000 systems had been installed, equivalent to more than 11 MW of solar installations, and 1 million users are now receiving electricity thanks to solar. Today there are more than 16 different NGOs and firms active in the market, and IDCOL has set a new ambitious target of 1 million solar systems by 2012.65

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