Fronius IG Plus PV Inverters

For large residential and commercial systems

The next generation Fronius IG Plus PV inverter offers solid solutions for large residential and commercial installations with 10, 11.4 and 12 kW available in a single inverter.

o Save money - purchase fewer inverters for the same output.

© Save space - fewer inverters means less space needed for installation.

© Save time - install and maintain fewer inverters.

© Save your back - the heaviest IG Plus model, the 12 kW, weighs only 82 lbs (power stage only).

Models from 3 to 12 kW available in a single inverter.

Visit, call 810-220-4414, or stop by the Fronius booth at Intersolar North America 2009, July 14-16th, for more information on this exciting addition to the Fronius family.

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