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More Zero Point Field

The previous conception I had of the Zero Point Field (ZPF) was of a granular medium. This consisted of tiny discrete grains of both positive and negative charge. Since then, I have had some new ideas about the nature of the ZPF.

My first new thoughts were that the ZPF could be conceived as a flexible, continuous plastic-like medium. It would be defined by a dual-valued scalar energy density relation. Every point in space would be considered to have two solutions in this theory. By mathematically manipulating this two-valued relation, the perceived physical universe could be explained. It seemed to work OK, but was a bit abstract and hard to visualize.

Lately, I have been considering an amalgam of the two preceding theories. The basic ZPF would be a continuous fluid-like medium consisting of a charge potential field. Each point in this field would have a varying positive, negative or neutral charge density, with the net charge of the entire field being zero. This basic ZPF would produce a scalar energy field, co-existing with the original ZPF. Through quantum self-organization, charge bubbles could be formed within the ZPF fluid. The mass energy of these bubbles would be supplied by the scalar energy field. It was suggested to me that the process of charge bubble creation may be controlled by the formation of minimal surfaces with vortex topology.

I have already gone through many models trying to get a handle on the basic nature of space, so these will probably not be my last thoughts on the subject. Hopefully soon, someone will come up with a theory that is coherent enough to allow us to extract energy from these basic fields.

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