Standard Distance Fig. 6.14 a CSV and b SDF for Ankara station

2. In the southwestern part, up to five adjacent site numbers are necessary. This is well correlated with the topographic heights in this region, which include several lakes that effect the evaporation and rainfall regimes.

3. The adjacent site number increases toward the eastern border where there are the very rugged and high elevation mountain chains of Turkey. Winters are long, about 5-7 months each year.

Fig. 6.15 Spatial global estimation
Fig. 6.16 Spatial adaptive estimation

4. Another high adjacent site requirement appears in the north along the middle Black Sea coast where the elevations reach up to almost 3000 m. Severe winter conditions also occur in this region.

Fig. 6.17 Equal adjacent site contours

Fig. 6.17 Equal adjacent site contours

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