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CMS Magnetics has been serving the alternative energy industry for years. In today's society where | energy demand is increasing, more attention is being paid to the environment and the value of clean energy. We offer complete wind turbine systems from from 500 W to 20 kW as well as solar panels.

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Toll Free: 866-342-1300 Local: 972-516-0692, Fax: 972-516-0697

1108 Summit Ave., Suite 8, Plano, TX 75074 [email protected]


• Self Cleaning

• Easy Installation

• High Capacity

• Pipe, ramp and box mountings

Precision Wedge Wire Coanda Screens for Hydro, Agricultural, and Domestic Diversions from 10 gpm to 500 cfs

- We specialize in creatively engineering solutions for your unique hydro diversion screening needs.

- Our solutions are cost effective with numerous screen mounting options; we also have durable 304 SS mounting boxes.

Visit us at www.hydroscreen.com or call (303) 333-6071 e-mail: [email protected] We don't just sell screens, we engineer solutions!



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