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While your computer's on ice and the utility is down you can NOW cook with the...


The Ultimate Cooking Appliance!

' Cooks any kind of food with the power of the sun— NO Fuel Needed! Reaches temperatures of 360 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit!

' Used daily in 126 countries around the world!

' Ruggedly built for years of trouble-free use!


includes FREE UPS delivery within the continental U.S!

• As portable as a small suitcase!

Sunlight Energy Corporation 4411 W. Echo Lane, Glendale, AZ 85302

[Ask us about our complete solar electric Y2K back-up systems featuring the NEW DEEP CYCLE dry cell lead acid batteries.

Ask About Our New Sun Star™ Accessories!

World's Best

Tubular Skylight sun star provides your home or office with bright natural light!

* Little or no heat gain or loss No structural changes required 15 year transferable warranty Reduces the need for large PV systems Installs in less than 2 hours Meets national standards for ALL roofing structures & styles DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED

SUN 57)9/9

Call Today & See How Affordable the Sun Star Really Is!

ran 1-800-SUN-STAR


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