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base of the mountain. The building houses a 115 KW turbine attached to a 10-inch steel snowmaking pipe that drains water from a storage pond, which is 800 feet (244 m) farther up the mountain and is fed by West Brush Creek. In 2005, our first complete year of operation, we made some 200,000 kilowatt-hours (enough to power 40 homes), while preventing the emission of 400,000 pounds (181,437 kg) of carbon dioxide.

A Turbine On Every Slope

Think about the possibilities. Hundreds of ski resorts in America have snowmaking systems. On our four mountains alone, we have half a dozen more good opportunities for hydro. If we had five or ten turbines running, we'd be generating an enormous amount of renewable energy— enough for say, 200 homes—contributing to clean air, stable climate, and the long-term sustainability of the ski industry and the town. Any ski resort with a snowmaking system should look into installing a turbine.

Inside each of those turbines, you'd find a Pelton wheel, a tool so elegant that it meets Einstein's design criteria that everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. It's a device that has its origins tied to the origins of this town, and now, tied to its future as well.


Auden Schendler, Director of Environmental Affairs, Aspen Skiing Co., PO Box 1248, Aspen, CO 81612 • 970-300-7152 • Fax: 970-300-7154 • [email protected]www.aspensnowmass.com/environment

Brett Bauer, Canyon Hydro Inc., PO Box 36, Deming, WA 98224 • 360-592-2235 • Fax: 360-592-2235 • [email protected]www.canyonhydro.com • Pelton turbine & generator hydro ski

Project Partners

The Snowmass hydroelectric project is so exciting and forward-looking, and has such broad applicability, that a wide range of partners were interested in providing financial support to help make it happen.

Donors included Holy Cross Energy, the utility that buys the electricity and has also covered all grid interface fees (www.holycross.com); the Colorado Office of Energy Management and Conservation, which supports innovative energy projects all over Colorado (www.state.co.us/oemc); the Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE), which is a national leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency and helped bring a green pricing program to Colorado (www.aspencore. org); the Renewable Energy Mitigation Program (REMP) from the town of Aspen, which collects fees from new homes that use large amounts of energy (www.aspencore.org/NEW_FORMAT/ REMP_new_format.htm); turbine manufacturer Canyon Hydro, which discounted its equipment (www.canyonhydro.com); the StEPP Foundation (Strategic Environmental Project Pipeline), whose contribution made Aspen Ski Company (ASC) the only corporation in state history to receive money from environmental mitigation funds (www. steppfoundation.org); the Ruth Brown Foundation; the town of Snowmass Village (www.tosv.com); and Snowmass Water and Sanitation, which contributed time, space, and technical support.

Dan Batdorf, Bat Electric, 20200 Charianne Dr., Redding, CA 96002 • 530-221-1336 • Fax: 530-221-3496 • [email protected] • Controls & switchgear

Pat Costello, Costello & Co., 405 Park Ave., Ste. E-6, Basalt, CO 81621 • 970-927-1421 • Fax: 970-927-2008 • Contractor for powerhouse

Robert Gardner, Holy Cross Energy, PO Drawer 2150, Glenwood Springs, CO 81602 • 970-945-5491 • Fax: 970-945-4081 • [email protected]www.holycross.com • Radio-link remote terminal unit (provides generator output & bill info)

Brian Mitchem, Mountain Peak Controls, PO Box 1550, Paonia, CO 81428 • 970-527-2444 • [email protected]www.mpcontrols.com • System automation controls

Mike Hoffman, TPE-Twin Peaks Electric, 145 Cheyenne

Fax: 970-963-0958 • [email protected] • Electrician

Mark Gressett, Gressett Excavation, 510 Sopris Creek Rd., Basalt, CO 81621 • 970-948-4686 • Excavation

Charles Brugger, Advanced Mechanical Services, PO Box 33237, Denver, CO 80233 • 303-818-5434 • [email protected] • Laser alignment & turbine installation

Tom Golec, Ruedi Creek Water & Power LLC, 15401 Fryingpan Rd., Basalt, CO 81621 • 970-927-4212 • [email protected] • Project consultant

Randy Udall, Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE), PO Box 9707, Aspen, CO 81612 • 970-544-9808 • [email protected]www.aspencore.org • Project consultant

Hydro-Power for Home Use

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Solar Panel Basics

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