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advantage in being "tuned" to the track . As the checkered flag dropped, the modified had gained a 0.2 second lead over Snowhite. The crowd roared. Sidelined drivers were notably impressed at how hard the gas machine had to work. I'll bet they're still talking in the shops all over the county!

Snowhite is an impressive piece of machinery. With ten Optima 800 lead-acid batteries (each 12 V, 50 Ampere-hours) in each saddle-pack, the pack's 240 Volts is fed to two series motors (8-inch Advanced DC motors), each belt-driven to a rear wheel. The motors are wired in serieswith Otmar Ebenhoech's "special" controller (1000 A, 250 V) holding reins on the horsepower. At 85 mph, Bob can shift into "second", re-wiring the motors in parallel with the pack voltage. Although Snowhite's never had a place to run full throttle, the 0-60 mph of 3+ seconds and 14.9 second laps at SEER suggests it'll hit 145 mph in 2nd. Bob's thinking of two new cars (Snowhite's for sale!) and an HP article is in the works.

Below: Snowhite gets a battery swap.

Below: Snowhite gets a battery swap.

Little Races

SEER is a great time for Electrathon racing, since it's possible to compete three times in three days. Dann Parks has the insider's view on the races in Electrathon SEER, and a writeup on his prototypes in The Lightning Series.

Zippy Scoots

There was a gaggle of small, two-wheel, electric zippers at SEER, including several EABs (Electric Assist Bicycles). Finally, I was able to try the ZAP, a bolt-on electric assist for bicycles, as you'll discover in Zapping the Commute, this GoPower section. Green Motor Works (North Hollywood) has its own version of this basic transportation, called EROS, from Joe Stephenson. (My apologies to Bill Meurer; he's responsible for the photo of Donna and I alongside the EVX last issue.) Otmar Ebenhoech and friends brought several versions of electrified scooters (the original kind, like skateboards with soft wheels and a steering post). Simple, cute, fast, and pleasantly dangerous. Bob's Schneeveis' electric wheelbarrow (I hadn't seen it since Phoenix '92) was there. Dick Rahders brought Speedster II, and Richard and Karen Perez got a chance to drive it on the streets of Ukiah. In response to HP readers' requests for more tech-talk on Michael Leed's article on the original Speedster (HP #39), I prepared a writeup on the changes that I made on it to create Speedster II: Street-Savvy.

Video Release

Finally, after many years of false starts, HMV-1, the first in the Hand Made Vehicles series of video tapes, is ready! I've been videotaping solar and electric cars since 1988, with the intent of doing something like a video bookstore. (Order with a $22 deposit. Return it within 2 weeks, you're charged only a $7 "rental" fee. Or keep it, and it's yours! The deposit IS the purchase price.) Part documentary, part entertainment, and part instructional, the 55-minute HMV-1 covers conversions, scratchbuilts, and prototypes. There's nothing like seeing the real thing up close, meeting the people behind the machines, and discovering the factors that shaped the designs. The goal of the HMV series is inspiration and enpowerment, helping people design and build their own EV for farm, street and highway use. HMV-1 includes a 12-minute documentary, Going Electric, that I produced for broadcast in conjunction with CityTV. Subsequent HMV releases will focus on specific EV types (solar, HPV-EV, hybrids, conversions, prototypes, racers, aircraft, etc.).


Michael Hackleman, POB 63, Ben Lomond, CA 95005.

Top: Michael Hackleman in the Sun Coaster. Center: Richard and Karen Perez prepare to take the

Speedster on Ukiah's city streets. Bottom: The electric wheelbarrow was a definite hit — ferrying people, food and cold drinks.

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