Air Pollution Nearly Eliminated

Statistics show that if we replaced 1 million gasoline cars with electric cars, total emissions would be reduced by 150 million tons a year. According to PG&E, an electric mini-van would produce 85% less ozone producing emissions and 97% less carbon monoxide than a gasoline powered mini-van. Tests conducted by the California Air Resources Board in May 1989 combined with PG&E's annual off-peak electricity generation - electric vehicles reduce emissions of HCs by 99%, NOx by almost 80%, and CO by 97%.


According to the department of Energy, the transportation sector consumes 62% of all petroleum consumed in the country,10.7 million barrels per day. Motor vehicles consume 7.31 million barrels per day of petroleum, or 41% of all oil consumed in the country. Currently, the Federal government is pushing for more off-shore oil drilling in fragile and pristine areas such as off the Northern California Coast and the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. But calculations indicate that if only 1% of the vehicles on the road were electric and those vehicles were driven 10,000 miles per year, we could conserve 500 million gallons of gas in just 12 months.

In 5 years the savings would be 2.5 billion gallons. If one keeps in mind that it takes two gallons of crude oil to distill one gallon of gasoline, the actual oil saved would be 5 billion gallons.

Hybrid Cars The Whole Truth Revealed

Hybrid Cars The Whole Truth Revealed

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